• Drive insight from data tied to a specific location where activities take place.
  • Provide services to customers based on their location and driving route by using of location-related data.
  • e.g. Charging, Parking, Location-based advertisement.
  • Solutions along the whole process of collection, processing, analysis and application.
  • Use big data to optimize the product and process, such as product design, advertising and marketing.
  • Data monetization business withdata collected from car/customer/aftersales, etc.
  • e.g. Usage based insurance, predictive maintenance.
  • Leverage online channels and integrate offline resources to createsmooth o2o customer journey for car purchase & usage and increase sales.
  • Develop new business opportunities through innovative marketing andretail models around e-Commerce, e.g. platform, functions.
  • e.g. Used car auction platform, Digital Showroom.
  • Customer centralized services andtechnologies to fulfill their mobility needs.
  • Hardware, software, or operationsolutions for mobility concepts withcustomer care, technical drive and social responsibilities.
Until September 22
Game over
07 Aug. – 22 Sep.
13 Aug.

13 Aug.

SOHO 3Q – Bund 3Q, B1

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18 Aug.

18 Aug


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27 Aug.

27 Aug

SOHO 3Q – Guanghualu 3Q, B1

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31 Aug.

31 Aug


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23 Oct. – 26 Oct.
30 Oct. – 15 Dec.
16 Dec.

Together with Audi, to create an innovative and digital business ecosystem in automotive industry

Start-ups selected from Semi-final will enter 47-day “Try-out” session directly, along with the opportunity to

Verify product/ service in
a broader business

Test and verify business
models based on Audi’s
defined digital business

Increase brand exposure
towards more accurate
customer group

Get direct investment of
venture capitals and become
potential supplier of
Audi/ VW

August 18, "Audi Innovation Lab 2017" had another recruiting roadshow in Demo Space located in Hangzhou where Mr. XU Chen, Managing Partner of Gobi Partners, and Mr. FANG Pingchao, Managing Director and Angel Fund Partner of CYZone, all showed up as the judges to evaluate promising business plans.
Kiwi Technology, which focuses on AI and AR, specializing in solutions related to human faces from Nanjing, won high praise from the judges and got direct qualified to the Semi-final.
Besides, the next recruiting roadshow of "Audi Innovation Lab 2017" will take place in Beijing SOHO 3Q on August 27.
2017.8.18 18:00
August 13, the first recruiting roadshow of "Audi Innovation Lab 2017" was launched in Shanghai SOHO 3Q. Mr. HU Tangjun, Managing Director of Gobi Partners, Mr. ZHENG Can, Investment Director of Linear Venture, and Mr. FANG Pingchao, Managing Director and Angel Fund Partner of CYZone, all showed up as the guests as well as the judges to evaluate potential start-ups in the first roadshow.
Ms. Deng Yuanwen, Head of Connected Mobility and Retail in Audi China, said that innovation has long been integrated into the Audi’s DNA. And the goal of Audi Innovation Lab is to explore more innovative talents and support more innovative projects, so as to create a digital business ecosystem in automotive industry.
After the panel discussion, there were 4 start-ups presenting their innovative business plans: Percipio.xyz, Geo Network Technology, Daoke.me and Chezhiliao, during which Geo got direct qualified into the Semi-final. While Mr. JIN Wei, co-founder of OK Car Insurance which is one of last year’s top 9 finalists, also shared his own business story and the special experience with Audi on the ground.
2017.08.14 09:00
"Audi Innovation Lab 2017" will start its first recruiting roadshow in SOHO3Q Shanghai on August 13, attended by venture capital partners including Northern Light, Gobi Partners, IDG Capital, Linear Venture. Three more roadshows will be held subsequently in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Beijing.
2017.08.07 00:00
August 7 witnessed the start of online recruiting for "Audi Innovation Lab 2017", which aims to explore potential business plans or start-ups withinnovative business models in automotive industry. Provided with resourcesfrom Audi and prominent venture capitals, start-ups could get fast growth and realize sustainable development together with Audi.
2017.08.07 00:00
"Audi Innovation Lab 2016" successfully came to an end. UBiAi Technology, Weizuche (Car Rental) and Benewake stood out as the winners of Digital+, Car ▪ Life, and Artificial Intelligence, which will have the opportunity to further cooperate with Audi in the future.
2016.10.22 19:00
The Final of“2016 Audi Innovation Lab” will be held at SOHO 3Q Beijing. Xiong Xiaoge, Founder & Partner of IDG Capital; Pan Shiyi, Chairman of SOHO 3Q China; Yang Lei, Managing Director of Northern Light, along with other prestigious investors will show up, assess projects, share experiences, and cheer up the start-ups.
2016.10.22 13:00

Northern Light

Frees Fund

Gobi Partners

IDG Capital

Legend Capital

Linear Venture

*In alphabetical (Chinese pinyin) order


UBiAi Technology is a leading connected-car big data application service provider that offers customized
consulting services to car makers, insurance companies and other players in


Wezuche is a leading car-sharing service supplier that has fully developed intelligent hardware and car management system with independent


Benewake develops commercial LiDAR for drones, robots and driverless cars. It aims to be the "eye" of
driverless cars through TOF
technology and the design and
manufacture of long-range obstacle. evading radar.

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